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Fighting Trousers – Professor Elemental


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Title goes where?

Things accomplished this weekend:

-Saw Iron Man 3 (it was fun! not as good as 1, but better than 2. They made some interesting choices as far as storyline goes, taking elements from the comics but not from the whole cloth. Robert Downey Jr continues to be amazing)

-Saw Jill – we went to Iron man 3 together and gushed about hockey while waiting for the movie to start. Yay Jill!

-Wrote a long chatty email to a friend in New Zealand that I don’t talk to nearly enough.

-Skype date with Shaynna.


-Made it to my favourite cafe in time for waffles on Saturday morning (Pina Colada with fresh pineapple and toasted coconut. YUM!) No panic attack. \o/

-Watched hockey! The Sharks are destroying the Canucks and are in the position to take the series as soon as tomorrow night. Chicago lost their first game on Sunday. Probably because I was at Iron man 3 with Jill and only got home in time for OT. I feel like I’ve failed them. They still lead the series 2-1. Jonathan Toews has yet to get a point in the post season but he’s the Captain and he’s going to rally forth and win this thing for me. MY FAITH IS STRONG.

-Went grocery shopping. Like a real adult.

-Tidied up my room. Because it was the easiest. My new comforter and sheets (ILU Groupon) are perfect for the warmer weather. Nice and light and pretty to boot. I still need to do laundry, burn my kitchen to the ground and salt the earth, and break down the furniture boxes from *cough* February before my house stops being a cringing embarrassment. I will do this in chunks over the next week. Probably starting with laundry because I’m about to hit Dress Pants and after that it’s Skirts and we don’t want to go there.

Things I did not accomplish this weekend:

-Most of my household chores

-I bailed on volunteering on Saturday because I was up until 5am on Friday night (just wasn’t tired – possibly hypomania? Possibly just me being a freak?)

-Any art or writing

All in all, I still think I won.

Today’s Toews Face, from game 3 against the Wild:

*Despite what the media is snarking about his post-season point drought, you can’t tell me this guy doesn’t bust his ass every game. Well, I suppose you can but you will be wrong and it might come to fisticuffs. (Not really. I just like saying fisticuffs.)

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Actual Conversation

Me: Ok, so don’t take this the wrong way, but I had an impulse and I couldn’t stop myself so here’sapictureofyouasacomicbookcharacter.

My Boss: …so you’re saying I’m hard-headed, charge through everything and step on everybody’s toes?

Me: Yup!

My Boss: Makes sense. *hangs it on his wall*

Some days, I really like my job XD

Also, I’m kind of hyper today.

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WHAT IS WATER GLASS and other mysteries solved

Blood work results are in and my doctor’s office phoned me immediately. That’s never a good sign. Fortunately it’s not terrible news, but it does seem that I’m anemic. Which is odd because I eat a fair amount of beans and nuts (ALMONDS ARE THE BEST) and red meat a couple of times of a week.

Also odd in the fact that I don’t feel particularly tired.

Eh? I get to add a new supplement to my ever increasing list of shit to swallow in the mornings (Lamictal 25mgx3, fish oil supplement, folic adic, Concerta 36mg). I’m probably going to need a bigger water glass for my bathroom.

We follow up in six weeks to make sure I’m actually absorbing the iron properly. I am not overly concerned.

(WordPress recommended links: water glass??, ALMONDS, fish oil, red meat, doctor’s office?? WTF. Imma going for it! Click-click clickety click. I know everybody must have been confused about that water glass and I’d hate to be needlessly obscure ;))

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Drugged Up & Bloody

Just got back from being stabbed with needles. Always a good time.

I had to fast for 12 hours beforehand (more like 15 because I wasn’t hungry last night and I really regretted that this morning!) and I came within an hour of fucking it up because my QA manager refilled her candy dish and I AM WEAK. Luckily, I remembered that I was fasting before I swallowed and I was able to spit (hurr hurr) into a nearby trash receptacle. Je suis Le Sex. Oui.

My doctor-doctor wants to turn over the medication administration to the head doctor, so I’m still at 75 mg of Lamictal for now. My next appointment with the shrink is May 16. I figure I should be able to hang on until then. I’m not sure how much a difference the extra 25mg will make as far as inducing stability goes, but I am really tired of the yo-yo effect. 2 weeks. 2 weeks. 2 weeks. I can wait 2 weeks.

The Concerta is working really well for me. My focus has improved by orders of magnitude and it’s helped ease a lot of the short term memory issues as well. I’m not heaving giant sighs of relief and letting down my guard just yet, I am still wielding my notebook like a shield against the world and that’s not going to change for a good, long while. if ever.

But even at my best, organization isn’t always my thing and it is kind of nice not having to try to keep everything in my head. Writing things down works. Who knew?

Hawks didn’t play last night, so I dicked around with some art and caught the highlights. The Canucks got smoked by San Jose and I find that schadenlightful because my boss is a Canucks fan. I feel conflicted cheering for the Sharks because on one hand: NOT VANCOUVER but on the other: RAFFI TORRES. I hate that guy. He’s everything wrong with the game. There’s physical players – making hits and playing defensively, protecting their zone and the puck, and then there’s malicious head hunters who are actively trying to do damage. Guess which one he is? I hated him when he played for the Oilers, I hated him last year in Phoenix when he took out Hossa, and I hate seeing his name on the same roster as Adam Burish (former Hawk. Shut up).

But, but, but — I may have to cheer for San Jose, regardless of the Torres factor because of this:

I know nothing about this guy except for the fact that he can grow the MOST MAJESTIC playoff beard of all time. Look at that thing! He can totally pack snacks and small forest creatures in the scruff (maybe small forest creatures as snacks? IDK, he doesn’t seem like an Ozzy…). I bet you he’ll propose to his future wife by stashing the ring box in his beard! She’ll never find it. It’s both useful and vaguely terrifying. You gotta respect the beard. Go Sharks ;)

Today’s Toews Face, from Tuesday’s game against the Wild:

This is the face of a Champion.

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Dr. Hockey, Hockey Doctor

Another doctor’s appointment this afternoon, probably going to ratchet up the Lamictal to 100mg. This is getting close enough to the therapeutic does that I’m really hoping to get stable. Even stable-ish. This roller coaster shit is exhausting.

More importantly, the Hawks won last night! In overtime! And I figured out a workaround for my no Playoff Hockey on iPad issue. This caused me a lot of grief because my ADHD meds tend to run out ~6pm and anything after that is… Well, sitting still, at my computer, with my headphones on for 2.5+ hours? VERY UNLIKELY. Even for hockey.

I’m also the Worst Hockey Fan ™ because if my team starts losing I get horribly, horribly anxious and sometimes have to stop watching for a bit XD I’M SORRY I AM TERRIBLE. I do come back! I just need a few minutes to settle down!

So, with my workaround, I got to have Hockey Night in Skyrim and I was able to knock off a couple of assassinations and slay some dragons in between nail-biting Hockey action.

Best of all, I now have a hockey rival on Twitter I can heckle. He’s cheering for the Kings and they lost in OT to St. Louis. I am of two minds on this development. I kind of want the Blues to win because they’re a tough team and they play with grit and I will get to make fun of Geoff FOREVER if his first pick gets knocked out the first round. Buuuuut, I also don’t want the Hawks to have to play the Blues (pun not intended. This time) because they’re a super tough team that plays with grit. And the Hawks… I love them. I do. They’re my favourite team EVER. But they’re not really a physical team and again: Anxious.

I hate watching them get hit.

Game 2 is on Friday. I’m despondently poking at my iPad until then, hoping more hockey falls out.

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Shake It Up

Playoffs start tonight!

For the next 6-8 weeks this is no longer a bipolar blog with occasional hockey squee but rather a hockey blog with a intermittent bipolar notes. I am so over-invested and excited this year, it’s bordering on ridiculous. Expect lots of hockey themed art, more pictures of Jonathan Toews’ Hockey Face and poorly outlined, but passionate!, rants about player awards.

I apologize in advance.



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