Happenings, Headaches, Hockey

Still alive! I’ve just been busy – the good kind, nay, the BEST kind. I’ve been making a lot of art – silly comics and doodles and sketches and I’ve been having an absolute blast with it. I even did some writing! *gasp*

My seekrit project is going to go live within the next 2 weeks and I’m really excited about it.

I’ve also started brainstorming with another friend about another long term art project/collaboration and I think it’s going to be not only doable, but also a lot of fun.

Star Trek opens this weekend and I feel very popular. Everyone wants to see it with me, but nobody’s schedules are matching up so I’m going to end up seeing it 3 times over the long weekend. I really hope it doesn’t suck!

Got another appointment with the new shrink tomorrow afternoon. Not sure what to talk about, beyond achieving stability. Maybe the migraines? Do shrinks deal with migraines? IDK, I’ll ask. I’ve woken up the last 2 days at ~4am with migraines and haven’t been able to get back to sleep because pain. So far, I’ve been able to keep it under control with Advil Migraine, but with my iron being so low, ibuprofen might not be a good idea.

Up until last month, it had been years since I’ve had migraines, so it’s kind of disheartening to get two in such rapid succession, and it’s starting to fuck with the progress I’ve made on regulating my sleep schedule. So, boo for that.

Other than that, hockey is awesome, the Blackhawks won their first series and the first game in round 2. Raffi Torres is suspended again for being an asstastic headhunting douchenozzle. Brent Burn’s beard has advanced to luxurious. And THIS is my new favourite Toews face:

If he didn’t play hockey, he’d totally have a career in interpretative dance!


About braineatsbrain

Recently diagnosed with bipolar. Twice. This is where I'm going to try to make sense of that. Expect introspection, unfocused anger, and random art.
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1 Response to Happenings, Headaches, Hockey

  1. Shrinks totally do migraines– sometimes they’re on the same pathways blah blah psychopharmaceutical neurological cognitive blah as your bipolar neurotransmitters, I gather.

    I had them on occasion with IDK, one of my antiepileptics BT (Before Topamax *cue angels singing*) and if I recall correctly, we offset it with the tiniest amount of Depakote and/or Effexor. (IDK, it was 3 meds diaries ago, maybe 5 years ago, and memory is fuzzy except for a general YES.) They then went away. (I’ve also always had them, and they have gone away since I cut out wheat/sugar/carbs. Sigh. I really, really, miss carbs. But I don’t miss canker sores and migraines and mood swings and teh Fatness.)

    Also, lol, I have two dates to see ST: ID this weekend, once with my geek girl friend, and once with my geek guy friends, though at least those two I wrangled into one “date.” AND AND AND I found someone at work who hasn’t seen IM3 yet, so I will not be the Last Person Alive to have seen it and have to go see it Alone, On a Sunday, First Thing in the Morning, With my Mom Purse of Snacks. (That’s a diagnosis in the new DSM V, if you didn’t know.)

    YAY ARTINGS, I can’t wait to see them. And… hockey, whee? I hear it’s a thing. : p I am sure I will hear all about it this weekend.

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