Playoff <3


Next game is tomorrow, which I am going to miss due to dinner plans that can’t be changed. Maybe I can convince Gennie that she really, really wants to watch some playoff hockey with me? Stranger things have happened and I can throw a pretty strong pitch when I’ve got enthusiasm on my side. Hmmm…

In other hockey news, the Islanders are holding their own against the Penguins and I really want the Islanders to take the first round. They deserve it, they’ve been playing so hard and with so much heart and creating chances out of nowhere and I just don’t like Pittsburgh. I don’t even know where my Pittsburgh hate comes from.

(Objectively they have a lot of great talent and I can’t recall offhand any grumblings about them playing dirty. I just don’t like them. It’s probably because I have a tendency to cheer for the underdog and because they’re so loaded with talent they’re not going to be in that position. I also get defensive when people start saying the Sidney Crosby, who is an absolutely incredible hockey player in every respect, I will never say otherwise, deserves the Hart trophy. The Hart is supposed to go to the player that is most valuable to his team, and while Sid is an amazing player, he was out for a month and the Pens still dominated the Eastern conference. Jonathan Toews was out last year for ~30 games and the Blackhawks struggled. Excellent player? Yes, absolutely. The best in the league. Most valuable to his team? Not by a long shot.

*cough* What’s a bias? XD)

Fucking Penguins.

The Sharks had a huge night last night and swept the Canucks, becoming the first team to advance to the second round. The Canucks are another team I don’t like for nebulous reasons, although their penalties in minutes probably help quantify it. They’re a very physical team and sometimes that physicality is dirty and deliberately so. Also, when you’re facing elimination, accruing 6 penalties in the deciding game is maybe not the best strategy for staying in the series. Then there was all the whining this week about the Sharks supposedly playing up the severity of the hits against them to bait the refs into giving the Canucks more penalties and I just have boggle about that complaint. Granted, I haven’t watched a lot of Canucks games to date but seriously? Here’s a novel idea, if you’re that certain that players are going to dive for sympathy, maybe, just maybe, don’t crosscheck them or slash them or trip them or ram them head first into the boards? JUST A THOUGHT.

Brent Burns’s beard continues to flourish. I want the Sharks to make the conference finals just so we can see how big this thing can get! Then they have to lose to Chicago, but I’m willing to allow a full 7 games for maximum growth. FOR SCIENCE.

Other than hockey is awesome, the nausea is back, though I haven’t vomited. I just feel kind of gross.  My focus is still good. My moods are still swingy. I was really grumpy for no good reason on Sunday and Monday. I’m better now, but those two days were unpleasant. I was agitated and irritable and snarly. Maybe (hypo)mania? I slept OK, other than my all nighter last Friday? IDK, I’m better now. Did some art, have lots of ideas for more art and I’m mostly happy with how the art has been turning out. It’s all fun, silly stuff and maybe that’s what I’ve been missing the most during the last art drought: the ability to be silly and have fun.

With anything really. Depression is balls.

Today’s Toews face, from game 4 against the Wild:


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Recently diagnosed with bipolar. Twice. This is where I'm going to try to make sense of that. Expect introspection, unfocused anger, and random art.
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