Don’t Need No Water

I am on fire today!

Well, not literally. I probably wouldn’t be feeling so accomplished if I was really on fire.

…that’s actually probably one of the more useful yardsticks for gauging your success at Life, now that I think about it.

Checklist For Winning Life

-Still alive? y/n

-Not on fire? y/n

WIN! You deserve cake!

(Sometimes low bars are the only bars you can meet. Victory needs to be graded on a sliding scale)

(Now I want cake.)

(TBH, I kind of always want cake.)

(mmmmm… cake.)

Right. Where were we? Successes! Today!

-I actually remembered to call the eaves trough guy and as of 6:30 this evening, my neighbours can stop side eying me every time it rains because my eaves troughs are more like planters and they overflow. A lot.

-I set up my summer lawn maintenance (I really don’t like yardwork for many reasons: I have allergies, I burn easily, I get heat stroke, it’s just very very unpleasant all around, and it’s fucking BORING.  I used to put it off until I got threatening letters from the County, now I pay someone to do it for me while I crouch in the shadows and hiss at the sun. Everybody is much happier.)

-I set up my appointment to use my Junk Removal Groupon and FINALLY get all of the crap out of my backyard/basement/front foyer/garden shed. Most of which isn’t even mine, but was instead left by my ex… 6 years ago. (I am the worst home owner ever. I have never denied this. My goal is to be in a condo by Fall)

I am one productive mofo today.

Except for, you know, my actual job XD


About braineatsbrain

Recently diagnosed with bipolar. Twice. This is where I'm going to try to make sense of that. Expect introspection, unfocused anger, and random art.
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9 Responses to Don’t Need No Water

  1. Raeyn says:

    Sounds like you jetpacked over the bar today — get some! :D

    • And I didn’t even hit my head on the way up! :D

      (And are you marinining at me? Get some! Have you seen Generation Kill?)

      • Raeyn says:

        I’ve not seen it, but I did six years in the Air Force working in a joint service intelligence facility. :) I’ve any number of Marine friends, and no ex-boyfriends amongst their ilk!

      • I’m hesitant to call it good because it’s very complex – but it is fascinating. It’s a fairly unbiased account of the first surge in the Iraq war by a journalist embedded in the main unit. The men are presented as whole people, complete with flaws and virtues that make them hard to hate or love (JUST LIKE REAL FOLKS) and it doesn’t flinch back from showing the fuck ups and the confusion and the misdirections. It’s not preachy anti-war or pro-war propaganda, just an account of what it was like to be there. I’ve never seen anything like it.

        If you do watch it, I’d love to hear your perspective as former military :)

        (And I kind of want to climb Alexander Skarsgård like a tree XD)

  2. Raeyn says:

    That’s one thing people tend to forget about the military — that they’re just people, like you and me. And as I remember thinking the day after 9/11 as I stood on the Presido looking at the gate — a lot of them are children free from their parents for the first time. It was rather chilling for me at my ‘advanced’ age of 19.

  3. I hope you had all the fucking cake, because baby, you slamdunked today.

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