WHAT IS WATER GLASS and other mysteries solved

Blood work results are in and my doctor’s office phoned me immediately. That’s never a good sign. Fortunately it’s not terrible news, but it does seem that I’m anemic. Which is odd because I eat a fair amount of beans and nuts (ALMONDS ARE THE BEST) and red meat a couple of times of a week.

Also odd in the fact that I don’t feel particularly tired.

Eh? I get to add a new supplement to my ever increasing list of shit to swallow in the mornings (Lamictal 25mgx3, fish oil supplement, folic adic, Concerta 36mg). I’m probably going to need a bigger water glass for my bathroom.

We follow up in six weeks to make sure I’m actually absorbing the iron properly. I am not overly concerned.

(WordPress recommended links: water glass??, ALMONDS, fish oil, red meat, doctor’s office?? WTF. Imma going for it! Click-click clickety click. I know everybody must have been confused about that water glass and I’d hate to be needlessly obscure ;))


About braineatsbrain

Recently diagnosed with bipolar. Twice. This is where I'm going to try to make sense of that. Expect introspection, unfocused anger, and random art.
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2 Responses to WHAT IS WATER GLASS and other mysteries solved

  1. Broccoli, spinach, kale. All those leafy greens all full of that iron shit. I frickin’ love kale chips. LOVE.

    • I <3 broccoli and spinach. I looked for Kale chips this weekend but couldn't find any. I bought seaweed snack instead, which have almost no redeeming nutritional value but are extremely addictive :D

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