Dr. Hockey, Hockey Doctor

Another doctor’s appointment this afternoon, probably going to ratchet up the Lamictal to 100mg. This is getting close enough to the therapeutic does that I’m really hoping to get stable. Even stable-ish. This roller coaster shit is exhausting.

More importantly, the Hawks won last night! In overtime! And I figured out a workaround for my no Playoff Hockey on iPad issue. This caused me a lot of grief because my ADHD meds tend to run out ~6pm and anything after that is… Well, sitting still, at my computer, with my headphones on for 2.5+ hours? VERY UNLIKELY. Even for hockey.

I’m also the Worst Hockey Fan ™ because if my team starts losing I get horribly, horribly anxious and sometimes have to stop watching for a bit XD I’M SORRY I AM TERRIBLE. I do come back! I just need a few minutes to settle down!

So, with my workaround, I got to have Hockey Night in Skyrim and I was able to knock off a couple of assassinations and slay some dragons in between nail-biting Hockey action.

Best of all, I now have a hockey rival on Twitter I can heckle. He’s cheering for the Kings and they lost in OT to St. Louis. I am of two minds on this development. I kind of want the Blues to win because they’re a tough team and they play with grit and I will get to make fun of Geoff FOREVER if his first pick gets knocked out the first round. Buuuuut, I also don’t want the Hawks to have to play the Blues (pun not intended. This time) because they’re a super tough team that plays with grit. And the Hawks… I love them. I do. They’re my favourite team EVER. But they’re not really a physical team and again: Anxious.

I hate watching them get hit.

Game 2 is on Friday. I’m despondently poking at my iPad until then, hoping more hockey falls out.


About braineatsbrain

Recently diagnosed with bipolar. Twice. This is where I'm going to try to make sense of that. Expect introspection, unfocused anger, and random art.
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1 Response to Dr. Hockey, Hockey Doctor

  1. Raeyn says:

    I always tease my husband that if he wants his football team to win, he needs to leave the room. They almost always score when he’s out of the room this season. So perhaps there’s some wisdom in fleeing if they’re doing poorly. ;D

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