Life, the Universe & Everything

Feeling tired, run down and grumpy this week.

Focusing on good things:

My house is 85% unfucked. All that’s left for the upstairs is a brutal purge of my library, of which I’ve already completed stage one. I’m getting rid of a bunch of Urban Fantasy and Romances on the basis that I haven’t really been interested in either of those genres for a couple of years. Of course, knowing me, as soon as I drop them off at the library, I will be seized by a compulsive craving for all of the Urban Fantasy and Romance. Oh brain, you continue to delight. Following that, I can get some boxes and start packing away the stuff I don’t see myself using in the next 3-4 months (my hopeful timeline to move).

The new roomie has been amazing and helpful on this front. I’m offering her a sweet, sweet rental discount to take care of the cleaning and whatnot while I’m organizing, and she’s been so productive that I feel a bit like a lazy slug. She’s kept her side of the bargain regarding not judging me for my laissez-faire attitude towards household chores and I have so much hope that this will work out for both of us. (Don’t say anything, but I totally would have let her live with me for free if I thought her pride would let her. It’s not like I really need the extra money at this point, though it is nice. I’m funneling it into a moving costs account for now.)

My QA manager has offered to help me do some simple landscaping to improve the resale value on my house. I hate yardwork, but I’m willing to do it with help. That actually sums up most of my existence, it seems. By myself, I flounder and put things off. If I have help, even something as simple as somebody just being there, I’m better able to focus and actually get things done.

I’m going on vacation next week with a friend of mine. I’m meeting her in Saskatoon and we’re dashing through to Banff for a couple of days. She’s never been to Canada, so I’m going to try to give her the Ultimate Canadian Experience. So far that means Northern Lights and Tim Horton’s and Playoff Hockey. It’s a start! I can probably find some good beer along the way too… I’m looking forward to this and I really feel like I just need to be away for a bit.

There’s a craft beer festival happening this weekend. I have tickets for Friday and Saturday and a list of beers I want to try. I haven’t really drank since February when I got diagnosed, so I’m not sure what my alcohol tolerance is like anymore. I guess we’ll find out J

The Blackhawks have made the Stanley Cup Finals. My buddy Geoff now owes me three six-packs and dinner because he was silly and bet on LA. Game 1 is tomorrow and we will see how the quick and deep Hawks face off against the rugged and deep Bruins with their magic goalie and strong defensive play. It will be a good series, either way.

I found this quote about ADHD and it makes all of the sense to me: ”ADD/ADHD isn’t about the big disruptive things that people do. It’s best defined by the little things that shouldn’t be so hard.”

I’m still making art, and even if I’m not really finishing anything, I’m also not feeling like I’m going to be abandoning anything that I have in process. I’m just taking my sweet time and working on things in small sessions as my attention span dictates. It’s a strange thing, not pressuring myself to finish, finish, finish, now, now, now. It’s a hobby. I like doing it. There are no deadlines.

The bad:

As mentioned above, tired. Run down. Low grade depression, no real reason – or rather, not very good ones.

I’m frustrated at work because things are getting kind of slow and our monthly projections for the summer months look grim. We should pick up again in the fall, but the summer’s going to be very challenging. We’ve also refocused our priority to quality over on time delivery, meaning things are slowing down as far as getting product out the door and there’s been a fairly significant uptick in rework. Because of this, everyone’s pretty stressed out and some people are taking it worse than others. The low level passive aggressive resistance to change from my shop foreman wears on me.

I’m also going to see my BFF(?) for the first time in ages on Friday, for the craft beer fest, and I don’t know. I just don’t know what’s going on. I’m going to ask him and brace myself for the possibility that this conversation will end our friendship, or at least downgrade it considerably. I have some theories as to why our relationship has degraded to this point, but I’m not certain that I’m not just being paranoid. Still, I know what I need from my friends, and if he can’t be that person for me anymore, I need to know so that I can stop hoping for things to get better.

Somewhat related to the above, an ex that I’d have been happy to never see or hear from again has recently moved back into the area. It probably explains why I haven’t seen or heard from BFF and that group of friends. I also have a sneaking suspicion that BFF is moving in with douchebag ex based on a few conversations that I’ve had with others who aren’t aware of the history there. Which makes me feel kind of shitty and betrayed. Though since I don’t know for sure, I’m trying to not dwell on it. Try being the operative word.

If it is true, I definitely need to re-evaluate. The ex was a major sleaze bag and I don’t care how many new leafs he’s supposedly turned over, there’s some shit that I shouldn’t be expected to forgive.

I realized after my last session that I don’t trust my new psychiatrist. I have no good reason for this. I don’t get any creepy crawly feelings from him. It might be something as simple as the fact that he’s a dude. It might be a general distrust for his profession. Both sessions I’ve had with him, I haven’t brought up any serious issues or been willing to explore anything with him beyond simple declarative statements. Like this happened, but I don’t want to talk about it. Or, this happened but I think I’ve already talked about that enough. I’ve kept things very superficial, status updates on medication (Concerta good, lamictal OK, should probably increase dosage) and just general mood updates. This probably isn’t a good strategy for long term treatment. I think I’m going to bring it up next time I talk to him and see what he has to say. I don’t have a reason to distrust him, he’s been kind and willing to listen and work with me instead of dictating to me. I’d like to give him an honest go.

I internalize a lot. I’m not really used to talking about things with other people and soliciting feedback. Even the stuff I put out and share via blog posts tends to be more along the lines of me sounding things out for myself. I don’t like being challenged on my internal “truths”, if you will. It makes me angry and my immediate, knee-jerk reaction to someone suggesting I don’t know my own mind or that I’ve misinterpreted something is more along the lines of “FUCK YOU YOU’RE NOT MY REAL DAD” than “That’s an interesting perspective, I will have to think about it.” I’m guessing this is yet another aspect of my trust and intimacy issues.

*sigh* Quick and dirty summary – there’s a lot of work to be done and I’m not certain that I’m up to it.

(today’s recommended link: FUCK. Thank you WordPress :) )

ETA: Forgot a good AND a bad

Good – since roomie has arrived, I’ve been smoking outside instead of in the house. As a result, my smoking has been cut in half. \o/

Bad – yesterday it came out in the morning production meeting that I had made a mistake on cut lengths on a work order. My boss asked that from now on, I should consult with him or my foreman before approving cut lengths. I asked if instead we could make the assumption that I am an intelligent, competent adult who is capable of learning and they could give me the new guidelines and I would modify my process accordingly without having run every little thing by them for approval. I mean, it’s not like I’ve been doing this job for seven fucking years, or anything. So frustrating. Grr. At least I made my point.

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I cleaned my house! I have a roommate!

What I don’t have is a dishwasher. Not through lack of trying, though… Come now, take my hand, grab a seat and prepare yourself for a True Tale of Horror, featuring my adventures with Sears and the Most Amazing Customer Service Department OF ALL TIME.

Our story begins on a breezy spring day. I have decided that in order to succeed in Operation Stop Being A Failure At Adult I need to do something about the broken dishwasher in my kitchen. Surely having a working dishwasher is something that adults do?

So I go to Sears on my lunch break, because it is close and it sells dishwashers. This plan has everything, it cannot fail!

I thought it would be a quick, painless transaction. I’d go in, buy a dishwasher and then grab a Starbucks or something on my way back to work.


I browsed the household appliance department, checking out what the options were. My only real criteria was that it had to be able to wash dishes. Really, that’s it. I found one quickly! It was on sale and capable of washing dishes. Everything I needed it to be.

I moved to the next phase of my plan and found a salesperson and said that I’d like to buy this dishwasher. This was my first mistake.

Some background.

Close talkers irritate me. Pushy salespeople irritate me. At Sears, I was lucky enough to experience both of these things at the same time!

Like most North Americans, I am used to a fairly large amount of personal space. I take it a couple of steps further with my antisocial nature/social anxiety Power Combo, and as soon as force field technology that will prevent people that I don’t know from touching me exists, I will be all over that.

(It’d be kind of neat to be able to adjust the settings to allow you to blast invasive people away from you. It’d be a handy superpower to have and I would totally only ever use it for good. Really.)

(heh heh heh)

Anyway, this guy. This salesdude at Sears was not only a close talker, but also spectacularly incapable of reading body language and social cues. He kept leaning into me. I kept backing away. He’d lean in again. I’d shuffle back. It was this weird and irritating awkward dance that he was too stupid to catch onto. I’m not subtle about this shit. I was literally backing away every time he stepped forward. At one point we’d managed to traverse the entire aisle and I was worried about running out of room to run away.

Then he started his sales pitch. On the dishwasher I had already decided I was buying. While chasing me around his department because he kept encroaching on my bubble and I kept backing away.

I interrupted him mid-sermon.

“Does it wash dishes?”

“Of course.”

“That’s really all I care about.”

“But it’s got fan drying, stainless steel, blahblahblah-“

“But does it wash dishes?”


“Seriously, that is ALL THAT I CARE ABOUT.”

I had my wallet out and I kept gesturing to the checkout, practically begging him to take my money and let me leave.

He had trouble ringing me through and had to phone a friend and I was suddenly lucky enough to be dodging not one, but two!, pushy sales people. Both of whom seemed determined to convince me to buy the dishwasher that I was already buying. In a shocking twist of excellence, after PSP1 slowly, painfully, and with much contemplation added me to the system, he discovered he’d added me to the wrong system and we had to start all over again. AWESOME.

I was eventually able to pay and schedule delivery for the first week of June (which seemed kind of long? IDK) and I left to go about my day, textually venting at my future roomie about my Irritating Dishwasher Experience.

Flash forward to May 30. My phone starts buzzing at me in the middle of a meeting. I ignore it because I try not to be that asshole that checks their phone while in a meeting. My phone buzzes again. When my meeting concludes I check my voicemail. It’s the Sears delivery dude, he wants to deliver my dishwasher. Only he doesn’t because he’s pissy at me for not answering my phone and is insinuating that he is “going to turn his truck around right now, young lady, I really mean it” because I didn’t call him back immediately. I got a hold of him, told him to proceed with the operation ahead of schedule and let the roomie know dishwasher job was showing up early.

Only when he goes to unload the dishwasher at my house there’s a honking huge dent in the back. Someone at the warehouse had dropped the box and decided to load it anyway. Good times. (Amusingly enough, there’s a new job posting on Workopolis for a ‘home delivery quality assurance associate’. HOW INTERESTING.) My roommate refuses to sign for the delivery and gets the driver to take the damaged dishwasher back to the warehouse.

Sears is now 0/2 for Customer Service.

My roommate takes the opportunity to voice her discontent over twitter and is contacted by their social media watchdog offering to help. She forwards me the information. Meanwhile, I’m on the phone in what is my third attempt to get someone who can help me on the line (the store I bought the dishwasher from went to voicemail. The number the salesdude gave me didn’t even go to voicemail, it just kept ringing. This time I was calling the Sears Customer Service 800 number). And lo! Somebody answered the phone. Only they couldn’t find me in the system, the insinuation being that I had somehow gotten my own name wrong or something. Turns out they were just looking at the wrong screen all along, but then they looked at the right screen and everything was diamonds (diamonds!). (0/3)

I was then told they couldn’t do anything for me immediately, but they were taking my case Very Seriously and someone that actually could help me would be in contact within 24 hours. (0/4)

Right about this time the twitter Sears people realized I was in Canada and they actually couldn’t help me. They gave me the contact information for their Canadian counterparts and I DM’d them as instructed.

This turned out to be my second mistake. (Perhaps my third if I count going to Sears in the first place as my first?) Because I’d given some social media watchdog my name and phone number, by some glory of twisted corporate logic in the Sears Executive Office, this meant that my previous lodged complaint was deleted because Sears Head office was on the Job! So we basically had to start from scratch. (0/5)

And I wasn’t in the system.

Except I was!

But Somebody would be in touch with me within 24hours! Because they were Taking My Case Very Seriously.

Monday rolls around, no one phones.

Tuesday dawns and I call the Executive Office. No answer.

Get a call from them later in the morning, I was in a meeting so they left a message to reassure me that I was in the system (FOR REAL THIS TIME) and that they were Taking My Case Very Seriously.

I called the Customer Care Center again, they told me to call the Executive Office.

Called the Executive Office. No answer. Left a grumpy voicemail.

The Executive Office called back within 20mins and told me they were — you guessed it! — Taking My Case Very Seriously. And that someone would get back to me within 24 hrs. (0/6)

When I woke up from giving myself an Epic Headdesk Related Concussion, I wondered if that had been their plan all along. Did they intend to frustrate me so badly that I would concuss myself and induce amnesia, forgetting this whole debacle and going on to proclaim Sears the Best Department Store Ever? Seems legit. I mean, can you really fuck up selling a product this badly when the selling of products is the lifeblood of your organization? Was this some Truman-esque farce that was being filmed and broadcast to their quality department as an object lesson in How To Avoid Pissing Off Your Customers? Who can say?

Later that afternoon, somebody from the store where I purchased the dishwasher originally (back in May. May 17, to be precise) finally contacted me. He spent 10 minutes telling me about how awesome their customer service usually is, which you know, doesn’t really speak to my experience, but good for him. Seriously, I was vibrating with excitement over the notion that Sears doesn’t normally fuck things up this consistently and maybe even feeling a little bit special they chose to drop the ball with me. Because I’m special? Whatever.

He apologized for not getting back to me sooner because the sticky note with my contact information and details got buried in a flood of paperwork on his desk (I can only assume it was all glowing reviews about their exceptional customer service from everybody that wasn’t me. Perhaps also some praise for his stellar organization skillz) and he only just saw it. He assured me that he was Taking My Case Very Seriously and I probably made my headache worse from grinding my teeth so hard. I think I may now have a very specific rage trigger related to that phrase. Will have to monitor.

He tried to go off on another spiel about how amazing they usually were and I cut him short by asking him to explain what they were actually doing, however awesomely, to get me the gd dishwasher I had ordered and paid for. He said it was on order and they could deliver it on the 20th. (*twitch*) And, because Sears always gets top marks in the planning and service ticky boxes on the Customer Satisfaction Surveys, I get to stare at the dishwasher in the middle of my kitchen (maybe to get it used to its new home gently? Like a rescue dog?) for an entire day because Sears changed their system so that their appliance delivery peeps no longer do double duty as installation techs. Because that makes a lot of sense. Really. (0/7)

He asked me if I was OK with this. Out of curiousity, I asked him what would happen if I said no, which I guess he wasn’t expecting? IDK. Anyway, because the dishwasher I bought was on sale (list price $800.00. sale price $500.00) he could help me find a $500.00 dishwasher that was maybe in stock that I could get sooner. I couldn’t get one of similar quality to the one I’d actually purchased because, you know, that sale was over now. (0/8) But it would be a dishwasher! That washes dishes! Exactly like I wanted in the first place.

However, I hate losing value. Something in my shrivelled consumer heart turns cold at the thought of having to downgrade due to someone else’s incompetence. I agreed to the 20/21 delivery/installation combo but mentioned that I thought their new policy was ridiculous and nonsensical and had this been in place when I actually went to purchase the dishwasher, I wouldn’t have bought it through Sears, and likely saved myself a migraine and several hours of time that would have been better spent doing anything other than playing clusterfuck phonetag with every service department level in their organization.

He, of course, assured me that he was taking my Case Very Seriously before we hung up.


Now we wait.

I am morbidly curious to see what they fuck up next.

In conclusion, fuck Sears. Seriously. NEVER AGAIN.


In other news, the Hawks made the conference finals and are leading the series against the Kings 2-1. They play again tonight~! :)

The new roommate seems to be working out quite nicely! She doesn’t feel the need to fill every silence with meaningless blather. She likes waffles! She can kill spiders! She makes delicious food! All good things.

I am on the verge of calling it quits with my BFF for many reasons. Because he’s been such an important part of my life for so many years, I’m going to try to talk to him again and figure out wtf is going on. I’m not looking forward to this.

Other than that I’ve been busy and brain dead by turns. I have too many things to think about, which makes me all introspective, but I’m not quite ready to talk about it.

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What’s the Opposite of Domestic Goddess?

I have feelings and introspections to share and confessions to make.

What I don’t have is time.

I have a new roommate starting on Tuesday and I haven’t even started cleaning my house. I know that doesn’t seem like such a huge endeavour, but when I got depressed, I stopped cleaning. Period.

My house now looks like a feature in one of those exploitative reality tv series that people gawk at and shake their heads while tut-tuting and feeling immensely superior. “How can anybody live this way?” they ask with scorn masked as pity masked as disbelief. “How could she let it get that out of control?”

It’s actually surprisingly easy.

Take one part depression, and with it the apathy that prevents you from caring what’s going on around you. Mix it with feelings of worthlessness so that even if you do recognize that things are getting bad, you’re not going to fix it because you don’t deserve to fix it. This one’s fun because it actually feeds on itself to keep growing, you feel more worthless as things go downhill, and obviously things are crashing so dramatically because you’re worthless. Toss in a healthy(haha) helping of despair because nothing actually matters anyway, and it never will, so why clean?

And POOF! Next thing you know, you’re up to your ears in unopened mail and tripping over laundry and there’s that smell coming from your kitchen sink that makes you gag so you just stop going in the kitchen, it’s not like you cook anyway.

It’s a scarily organic progression, to be honest. Add in the ADHD and the busy and the stressful job and I’m probably more vulnerable to this particular cycle than most.

But you’ve been so much better lately!

Well, sort of? Yes? Mostly?

But I look at the mess I’ve made and I am overwhelmed. Where do I even start? Are there going to be spiders under there? Oh god, why did I think that? There’s so much to do, and objectively it might not take that long, really, in me-hours. But focus on the menial and the mundane isn’t something that I can sustain consistently, so a 20 minute task becomes an hour and that gets really discouraging really fast.

It will never end and I will have to do this again very soon. D=

So it’s been easier to throw myself into anything else and just avoid it a little longer.

Which I kind of can’t do anymore. Because roommate. (Who actually understands my myriad issues and understands depression and apathy and is mostly prepared for the feat that is Making My House Sellable but I don’t want her to show up to Nightmare Squalor Manor and have to dig her own space out of the rubbish)

So yeah, if you don’t hear from me for a week or two, just assume that I’ve inadvertently mixed chlorine and ammonia and accidentally gassed myself and dial 911. Or, you know. Figure I’m cleaning.

If you do hear from me before then, and the first thing I say isn’t I FINALLY CLEANED MY FUCKING HOUSE, feel free to link me back to this post and remind me that Future Roommate Deserves Better (even if I don’t always think I do).

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Happenings, Headaches, Hockey

Still alive! I’ve just been busy – the good kind, nay, the BEST kind. I’ve been making a lot of art – silly comics and doodles and sketches and I’ve been having an absolute blast with it. I even did some writing! *gasp*

My seekrit project is going to go live within the next 2 weeks and I’m really excited about it.

I’ve also started brainstorming with another friend about another long term art project/collaboration and I think it’s going to be not only doable, but also a lot of fun.

Star Trek opens this weekend and I feel very popular. Everyone wants to see it with me, but nobody’s schedules are matching up so I’m going to end up seeing it 3 times over the long weekend. I really hope it doesn’t suck!

Got another appointment with the new shrink tomorrow afternoon. Not sure what to talk about, beyond achieving stability. Maybe the migraines? Do shrinks deal with migraines? IDK, I’ll ask. I’ve woken up the last 2 days at ~4am with migraines and haven’t been able to get back to sleep because pain. So far, I’ve been able to keep it under control with Advil Migraine, but with my iron being so low, ibuprofen might not be a good idea.

Up until last month, it had been years since I’ve had migraines, so it’s kind of disheartening to get two in such rapid succession, and it’s starting to fuck with the progress I’ve made on regulating my sleep schedule. So, boo for that.

Other than that, hockey is awesome, the Blackhawks won their first series and the first game in round 2. Raffi Torres is suspended again for being an asstastic headhunting douchenozzle. Brent Burn’s beard has advanced to luxurious. And THIS is my new favourite Toews face:

If he didn’t play hockey, he’d totally have a career in interpretative dance!

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Oblivious Me

I say that I’m really bad at tracking my moods because everything I feel seems normal to me. This extends to my physical state as well. If I’m not actively looking for patterns, everything just sort of blends together into a dull hum of this is how I am, therefore this is how I should be. In short, I’m kind of an idiot sometimes. Unless it’s something immediate and traumatic and incredibly, obviously wrong, I don’t really pick up on it.

Mentioned here a couple of times – I run out of steam halfway through the day. I’m sleeping more, I have lots of energy until mid-afternoon, then everything slows down and I start to feel like I’m swimming through soup. I even mentioned that it seems odd in light of how well I’m sleeping. Last week I found out I was anemic. Which also seemed odd because I didn’t feel particularly tired. At 11:00 am when I got the phone call.

And lo, the light of epiphany has struck. It’s coming up to 3:30 and I’m fighting to stay awake right now, again with no good reason and it just occurred to me that “Hey! I’m unusually tired! Isn’t there something that I recently found out that would explain this?”


Reason #9000000 why it’s probably a good idea for me to keep up with this blog. I’m only good at spotting patterns when I have actual data to refer to XD


(Unrelated to any of this, Gutter Guy came by last night to clean out my eaves troughs. I wish I had a picture of his face when he realized that I was not exaggerating when I described the job over the phone. He looked at me like I was an airhead when I told him I was afraid of heights and spiders and that was why I hadn’t done it myself. Whatever, dude. You wouldn’t be here without my unreasonable phobias and I wouldn’t be paying you the full amount from your first offer even though you gave me an opening to haggle you down because I knew it was a gross job that was going to be harder than it should be because I am the Worst Homeowner Ever. Stop judging me and get to work.)

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Playoff <3


Next game is tomorrow, which I am going to miss due to dinner plans that can’t be changed. Maybe I can convince Gennie that she really, really wants to watch some playoff hockey with me? Stranger things have happened and I can throw a pretty strong pitch when I’ve got enthusiasm on my side. Hmmm…

In other hockey news, the Islanders are holding their own against the Penguins and I really want the Islanders to take the first round. They deserve it, they’ve been playing so hard and with so much heart and creating chances out of nowhere and I just don’t like Pittsburgh. I don’t even know where my Pittsburgh hate comes from.

(Objectively they have a lot of great talent and I can’t recall offhand any grumblings about them playing dirty. I just don’t like them. It’s probably because I have a tendency to cheer for the underdog and because they’re so loaded with talent they’re not going to be in that position. I also get defensive when people start saying the Sidney Crosby, who is an absolutely incredible hockey player in every respect, I will never say otherwise, deserves the Hart trophy. The Hart is supposed to go to the player that is most valuable to his team, and while Sid is an amazing player, he was out for a month and the Pens still dominated the Eastern conference. Jonathan Toews was out last year for ~30 games and the Blackhawks struggled. Excellent player? Yes, absolutely. The best in the league. Most valuable to his team? Not by a long shot.

*cough* What’s a bias? XD)

Fucking Penguins.

The Sharks had a huge night last night and swept the Canucks, becoming the first team to advance to the second round. The Canucks are another team I don’t like for nebulous reasons, although their penalties in minutes probably help quantify it. They’re a very physical team and sometimes that physicality is dirty and deliberately so. Also, when you’re facing elimination, accruing 6 penalties in the deciding game is maybe not the best strategy for staying in the series. Then there was all the whining this week about the Sharks supposedly playing up the severity of the hits against them to bait the refs into giving the Canucks more penalties and I just have boggle about that complaint. Granted, I haven’t watched a lot of Canucks games to date but seriously? Here’s a novel idea, if you’re that certain that players are going to dive for sympathy, maybe, just maybe, don’t crosscheck them or slash them or trip them or ram them head first into the boards? JUST A THOUGHT.

Brent Burns’s beard continues to flourish. I want the Sharks to make the conference finals just so we can see how big this thing can get! Then they have to lose to Chicago, but I’m willing to allow a full 7 games for maximum growth. FOR SCIENCE.

Other than hockey is awesome, the nausea is back, though I haven’t vomited. I just feel kind of gross.  My focus is still good. My moods are still swingy. I was really grumpy for no good reason on Sunday and Monday. I’m better now, but those two days were unpleasant. I was agitated and irritable and snarly. Maybe (hypo)mania? I slept OK, other than my all nighter last Friday? IDK, I’m better now. Did some art, have lots of ideas for more art and I’m mostly happy with how the art has been turning out. It’s all fun, silly stuff and maybe that’s what I’ve been missing the most during the last art drought: the ability to be silly and have fun.

With anything really. Depression is balls.

Today’s Toews face, from game 4 against the Wild:

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Don’t Need No Water

I am on fire today!

Well, not literally. I probably wouldn’t be feeling so accomplished if I was really on fire.

…that’s actually probably one of the more useful yardsticks for gauging your success at Life, now that I think about it.

Checklist For Winning Life

-Still alive? y/n

-Not on fire? y/n

WIN! You deserve cake!

(Sometimes low bars are the only bars you can meet. Victory needs to be graded on a sliding scale)

(Now I want cake.)

(TBH, I kind of always want cake.)

(mmmmm… cake.)

Right. Where were we? Successes! Today!

-I actually remembered to call the eaves trough guy and as of 6:30 this evening, my neighbours can stop side eying me every time it rains because my eaves troughs are more like planters and they overflow. A lot.

-I set up my summer lawn maintenance (I really don’t like yardwork for many reasons: I have allergies, I burn easily, I get heat stroke, it’s just very very unpleasant all around, and it’s fucking BORING.  I used to put it off until I got threatening letters from the County, now I pay someone to do it for me while I crouch in the shadows and hiss at the sun. Everybody is much happier.)

-I set up my appointment to use my Junk Removal Groupon and FINALLY get all of the crap out of my backyard/basement/front foyer/garden shed. Most of which isn’t even mine, but was instead left by my ex… 6 years ago. (I am the worst home owner ever. I have never denied this. My goal is to be in a condo by Fall)

I am one productive mofo today.

Except for, you know, my actual job XD

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Speaking of Fisticuffs

Fighting Trousers – Professor Elemental


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Title goes where?

Things accomplished this weekend:

-Saw Iron Man 3 (it was fun! not as good as 1, but better than 2. They made some interesting choices as far as storyline goes, taking elements from the comics but not from the whole cloth. Robert Downey Jr continues to be amazing)

-Saw Jill – we went to Iron man 3 together and gushed about hockey while waiting for the movie to start. Yay Jill!

-Wrote a long chatty email to a friend in New Zealand that I don’t talk to nearly enough.

-Skype date with Shaynna.


-Made it to my favourite cafe in time for waffles on Saturday morning (Pina Colada with fresh pineapple and toasted coconut. YUM!) No panic attack. \o/

-Watched hockey! The Sharks are destroying the Canucks and are in the position to take the series as soon as tomorrow night. Chicago lost their first game on Sunday. Probably because I was at Iron man 3 with Jill and only got home in time for OT. I feel like I’ve failed them. They still lead the series 2-1. Jonathan Toews has yet to get a point in the post season but he’s the Captain and he’s going to rally forth and win this thing for me. MY FAITH IS STRONG.

-Went grocery shopping. Like a real adult.

-Tidied up my room. Because it was the easiest. My new comforter and sheets (ILU Groupon) are perfect for the warmer weather. Nice and light and pretty to boot. I still need to do laundry, burn my kitchen to the ground and salt the earth, and break down the furniture boxes from *cough* February before my house stops being a cringing embarrassment. I will do this in chunks over the next week. Probably starting with laundry because I’m about to hit Dress Pants and after that it’s Skirts and we don’t want to go there.

Things I did not accomplish this weekend:

-Most of my household chores

-I bailed on volunteering on Saturday because I was up until 5am on Friday night (just wasn’t tired – possibly hypomania? Possibly just me being a freak?)

-Any art or writing

All in all, I still think I won.

Today’s Toews Face, from game 3 against the Wild:

*Despite what the media is snarking about his post-season point drought, you can’t tell me this guy doesn’t bust his ass every game. Well, I suppose you can but you will be wrong and it might come to fisticuffs. (Not really. I just like saying fisticuffs.)

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Actual Conversation

Me: Ok, so don’t take this the wrong way, but I had an impulse and I couldn’t stop myself so here’sapictureofyouasacomicbookcharacter.

My Boss: …so you’re saying I’m hard-headed, charge through everything and step on everybody’s toes?

Me: Yup!

My Boss: Makes sense. *hangs it on his wall*

Some days, I really like my job XD

Also, I’m kind of hyper today.

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